Bloomington-Normal Athlete Factory is not just a place to work out. Our goal is to help you achieve the quality of life you desire, and this journey starts with the foods we eat. Whether you are interested in maximizing your performance or simply improving your quality of life, we need to focus not only on exercise, but nutrition as well.

If you have struggled with finding a diet or program that fits your lifestyle while improving your results in the gym, our services are for you. Through the integration of proper food selection, portion control, nutrient timing, and sufficient hydration, The Athlete Factory can help you transform your body composition, increase your energy levels, and improve your performance.

Coach Zac Turner, our resident nutrition expert, will help you develop a better understanding of your current nutritional intake, identify your nutritional requirements (based on sport requirements, age, height, weight, etc), and provide you with a personalized plan for continued progress.


MyFitnessPal – Calorie/Macro Counter & Diet Tracker

I wouldn’t trust anyone else to handle my nutrition. Zac has helped me prep for USPA Powerlifting Nationals, and continues to help me perform my best by properly fueling my diet.
Andrea Morris

Look, feel and perform at your absolute best by getting your nutrition dialed in, contact us today!

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