An internship at The Athlete Factory will allow you to gain hands-on experience working in a dynamic business environment with an incredibly diverse cross-section of society. Our wide variety of different programs will allow interns to see how methods can be varied from one population to another to ensure progress and continued success. Interns will start by observing the various programs and techniques used within our facility. Once understanding and a knowledge base have been built, hands on, practical application will be granted.

Internship Includes

  • ~ 40 hours per week
  • Multiple educational hours with assignments
  • Participation in staff in-services
  • Opportunity to work with multiple populations including high school, collegiate, professional athletes, general population, and special populations
  • Hands on practical experience
  • Acquiring the basics of running/managing a small business (marketing, software, etc..)
  • Possibility to earn an hourly wage


  • Excellence (Personal and Professional)
  • Integrity (Always do the right thing, regardless of the situation)
  • Maintain a positive and supportive atmosphere for our members
  • Be receptive and open minded, constantly striving for self-betterment
  • Display willingness to learn and be a self-starter
  • Acquiring the basics of running/managing a small business (marketing, software, etc..)
  • Go above and beyond agreed upon duties


  • Exercise Science Related College Degree – or on track for an Exercise Related Degree
  • Willing to work ~40 hours a week for the duration of your internship
  • Extensive athletic background with a knowledge in multiple sports

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