We at The Athlete Factory eat, sleep, breathe athletic performance. Simply put, if your athlete is not making progress that directly enhances their sport performance we are not doing our job. Our programs include everything from sports performance and personal training, to nutrition consultation and planning. Whether you are looking to get your young athlete ahead of their game, wanting one-on-one training, or nutritional guidance, the Athlete Factory can help you meet your needs.

We always take into account an athlete’s sport demands, schedule, and personal needs. Our approach is to always be honest with you as the parent and your athlete on what it will take to achieve the goals presented to us whether it is to earn a collegiate scholarship and be the best high school athlete they can be. Our staff prides themselves on relationship building with the athletes in order to build trust and enhance buy-in that will ultimately lead to better results.

Join the #AFAthlete family and start making progress today!