Knowing the sport specific demands an athlete is training for is paramount to the results they get. This is why we do our best to group our athletes together based on their focus sport as we have seen when you get like-minded athletes around one another it tends to drive a better work ethic. All athletes will generally need the same thing when first starting out, this includes: movement education, building a proper strength foundation and developing the right mindset to make progress. As an athlete progresses the details in their training start to get much more specific in what they need to separate them from the pack, this concept is where our coaching staff thrives. We also aid in the recruiting process for those athletes looking to play at the next level.

Sport Specific Programs

All of our programs focus on these 5 areas.

Mindset Training
Increased Strength, Power, Speed and Agility
*Injury Prevention
Functional Weight Gain or Loss
In-season /
Off-season Programming

*Females are 8x more likely to tear an ACL. This is a constant focus with our female athletes!

For sport specific focuses find your sport below.

Football 🏈

Our football program focuses on positional breakdowns, combine preparation (40, vertical, broad jump, bench press), concussion prevention and has optional skill work days.

Basketball 🏀

Our basketball program focuses on building habits that transfer onto the court, better balance and mobility, increased vertical/lateral quickness and first step explosiveness.

Baseball/Softball ⚾

Our baseball and softball program focuses on rotational power, explosiveness out of the box, reaction time and combine preparation.

Soccer ⚽

Our soccer program focuses on footwork, lateral/linear speed, conditioning and concussion prevention.

Track and Field 🏃

Our track and field program focuses sprinting/running technique, linear speed, core efficiency and event driven focus.

Volleyball 🏐

Our volleyball program focuses on mobility, explosiveness, 1 and 2 foot jumping and rotator cuff strengthening and injury prevention.


Our lacrosse program focuses on rotational power, core control, acceleration/deceleration and hand eye coordination.

Hockey 🏒

Our hockey program focuses on rotational power, building a strong lower body, balance and mobility.

Golf ⛳

Our golf program focuses on mobility, breathing patterns, rotational power and core control.


Our cheerleading program focuses on position specific (base/flyers), core control, explosiveness and stability.

Don’t see your sport specific program? No worries we work with everything, contact us for a FREE consultation.