Jackie Carmichael

Illinois State University / Professional Basketball

Nick Zeisloft

Indiana University / Professional Basketball

My son has worked out at the Athlete Factory in Bloomington-Normal IL since he was in 6th grade, since it started. He will graduate from high school in May 2018, with 14 offers (and counting) to play college football, his dream. As his mother, I cannot say enough about this gym. The training he has received has shown him the appropriate way to complete necessary lifts, in a weight room at school full of peers, it’s easy to go heavier, but I know my son also lifts the right way to grow stronger and prevent injury. Most importantly, however, is the mentors, friends and confidants that my son has in these coaches. He looks up to them and looks forward to sharing his accomplishments with them. Austin Curtis will always be a very important person in my son’s life. As a growing teenage boy, all of what this gym and its staff encompasses is what any parent should want for their student-athlete. Thank you all for helping my son become the man he is today.

Courtney Lynch

Our boys joined the Athlete Factory a couple of years ago to get stronger and increase their flexibility and speed. The Trainers at Athlete Factory are GREAT, treat everyone like family, and my boys look forward to the workouts. The results over the last 2 years have been positive and with noticeable improvements! In addition to the workouts, the trainers are also very knowledgeable with instruction on proper stretching and muscle and injury care. Being a part of the AF means giving back to the community, most recently my boys participated in the Athlete Factory’s Veterans Day Toys for Tots event. The staff truly cares about their athletes and set such a great example from a fitness and ‘character’ perspective. It is not unusual to see the Trainers attending football and basketball games watching their athletes perform and showing their love and support!

Allison Ziebarth

The Athlete Factory has instilled a work ethic into my sons that has helped them focus and be disciplined to their goals of college athletics. Chad and the other coaches know the kids personally and have created a special environment where serious athletes go to get better, together. It’s become their second family, everyone is always positive and encouraging. Even after a tough game or a late night, the boys didn’t want to miss their 8 am session the next day. That’s unique and very special. #GratefulAF

Ron Yoder

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