The Athlete Factory Youth Development Program (13U) is designed to prime your developing athlete for a prosperous, injury-free sports career. These 60-minute sessions focus on building athleticism in a fun, positive, and high-success environment by progressing proper movement mechanics and building neural patterns in your maturing athlete.

As they grow into early adolescence, their mind and body is ready to develop movement quality, efficiency, and relative strength. Evolving through drills and exercises building better running, jumping, landing, and change of direction techniques to become well-balanced, coordinated, and explosive #AFAthlete‘s.

As injury rates in sports grow each year, it becomes more important for young athletes to learn proper mechanics before they engage in highly competitive, intense sport. Starting at a young age will create strong patterns to ensure their bodies stay balanced as they grow and train, in order to effectively protect joints and muscles to prevent risk of injury. If you would like to understand this importance further, please review the article links below illustrating the benefits of developmental training for growing athletes.

Youth Resistance Training Research

Mayo Clinic: Strength training: OK for kids?
National Strength and Conditioning Association: Resistance Training

My 10 year old daughter Paige has been training at the Athlete Factory for a few months and we have already seen huge improvements in her strength, agility and over athleticism. The coaches are extremely knowledgeable, and their insanely infectious positive attitude has made a massive impact on Paige’s self confidence! Without question, the youth program at the Athlete Factory is helping her to become a better athlete physically and a better prepared athlete mentally.

Tony Fesler

Working with the trainers in the Athlete Factory 1 to 2 days a week for a few months my son was able to drastically improve his body awareness and stability. This has already transferred to a stronger swing and more controlled pitching motion.

Tim Heitzman

Allow us the opportunity to train your young athlete, while you sit back and watch them grow.